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Our software solutions include: Margin management with optimizations and predictive calculations (MPS), daily monitoring thanks to the digitalization of your results (TPS), cash receipts analysis to learn more about your customers (ATS), inventory optimization (SOS), mobile marketplace (Dailyshop)


The common base of our Insights products is the integration of data from receipts: integration, cleaning and structuring of data. Then are taken into account exogenous data (weather, national event …) in order to be able to model the forecast sales and the elasticity.


Our experienced and motivated team to assist you in your project of managing margins, image price and optimization of stocks. Composed of business experts and passionate engineers and always at your disposal.


BOOPER has set up qualifying training courses on subjects such as pricing, optimization techniques, dynamic pricing, promotion and the construction of performance indicators. Each course has a theoretical part and a practical part based on our software.

Contact the Booper teams by e-mail: contact@booper.fr or by telephone on + 33 7 81 08 68 66
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