BOOPER provides training on all techniques related to the pricing business.

We provide training adapted to the environment of each client and aimed at a population ranging from novices to experts.

The details of the training are available on request.

3 levels of training are offered:

  • Bronze Training
  • Silver Training
  • Gold training with BOOPER certification to know how to use our MPS suite

The new pricing techniques solve all the problems around optimization and re-optimization.

BOOPER dedicates all its R & D efforts around predictive models, elasticity, AI and also simulations integrating all optimizations.

Our vision is very pragmatic. Our powerful mathematical models must come to support our business knowledge.

BOOPER has 3 training modules on optimization techniques

  1. Sales Forecast and Simple Elasticities
  2. Cross elasticity and cross purchase acts
  3. Optimization and re-optimization

Tariff management in real time!

DYNAMIC PRICING and YIELD MANAGEMENT have become paramount in an increasingly competitive environment with an offer that has to adapt in real time to customer demand.

Thanks to techniques related to big data and endogenous and exogenous information, companies have the possibility with BOOPER to perform predictive quality calculations on future orders.

It is thus possible to develop a dynamic pricing policy depending on the variable demand and constraints of the company.

The stakes of DYNAMIC PRICING and YIELD MANAGEMENT are therefore enormous.

MANAGEMENT BOOPER offers 2 trainings on these subjects with concrete cases from a Marketplace and a hotel chain.

  1. Dynamic Pricing
  2. Yield management

The management of the promotion is complex. It requires a perfect knowledge of the effects of uplift related to the type of promotion store by store but also a knowledge of the customer demand.

If we consider that promotion is synonymous with the erosion of the overall margin rate, the art of driving the promotion must be to have no erosion in the mage in value.

The choice of products, customer attendance, promotional mechanics, loyalty cards and spacing promotions are all factors to master that characterizes a good management of the promotion.

BOOPER offers 2 types of training on the subject:

  1. Promotion management:
    • Management: from creation to management of the margin
    • Interaction of the promotion with the ray background
    • Measurement and declination of the erosion of the margin rate
    • Workflow Management
  2. Using mathematical models to effectively drive promotion (sales forecasting, elasticity and cannibalization)

The art of building dashboards with performance indicators is a tricky topic because you have to answer the following questions:

    • Who are the indicators for,
    • Should the information be split?
    • What is the essential information?
    • How to segment them?
    • That validates the quality / reliability of this information so that it is never questioned
    • On which medium to perform the restitution?
    • How to measure efficiency

BOOPER proposes a methodology to build simple and operational dashboards based on:

    • -Financial indicators (CA, Tx Mge, Mge, QP Promo, non-sale rate, …)
    • -The customer satisfaction and the price image
    • -The conversion rate following the alerts of the performance indicators set up.
    • -Measuring the “ROI” of the actions implemented following the indicators

The result of this training is the achievement of your main performance indicators.