Our team of consultants aims to support our clients with an operational and structured approach.

We bring an objective point of view to a situation that is often complex and involves several services within the company.

Competence, confidentiality, credibility and availability are our four founding pillars.

Our consultants have proven know-how in the field of mass distribution on all the issues revolving around the following 3 areas:

  • Optimizing the margin and improving the price image
    • -Food and non-food processing (diagnosis, objectives, process, structuring teams)
    • -Tariff realization
    • -Promotional performance
    • -Calculating and setting up store clusters
    • -Mix-product management / Mix-margin
    • -Management of breaks and loss of profit with setting up of processes and follow-up
    • -Installing and monitoring Quick Win
    • -Externalization of reporting
  • Mathematical models
      • -Prevision of sales
      • -Elasticities simple and crossed
      • -Uplift effects for promotion
      • – … and customer specific models
    • -Structuring and cleaning databases
    • -Modeling of the database
    • -Analysis, recommendations and reporting
    • – Using technologies based on Oracle, SPARK, No SQL … and of course our mathematical models developed internally and recognized innovative by the MRT.
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Pricing, pricing and revenue management are part of BOOPER’s DNA.

Our team of experts intervenes on pointed problems where experience and knowledge are inseparable.

Our Pricing and Revenue Management teams work actively with General Managers, CFOs, Marketing and Sales Managers, and IT Managers to address all aspects of Pricing strategies and processes, and to align the organization to its new goals

Our interventions generally take place when the general management does not have the required skills within its company or in the case of a need for neutrality and discretion.

Our expertise is on the following topics:

  • Pricing
    • Pricing is one of the most powerful levers for generating profitable growth .
    • Winning Pricing strategies reflect a company’s value proposition, increase customer willingness to pay, and drive market share gains.
    • The key: understanding how value is created and aligning the revenue model with the customer’s purchasing process.
      • -Strategy pricing
      • -Tariff achievements
      • -Promotions and Analysis of Margin Erosion
      • -Structuring team
      • -Responsibility of the margin
  • Loyalty card and cash receipts
    • -Fitting a loyalty card
    • -Analysis, recommendations and actions to boost attendance and margin
  • Revenue Management
    • – Generate profitable growth through strategic revenue management
  • Mathematical model
    • – Creating mathematical models specific to your needs
    • – Define new areas of growth for our clients by combining a sharp knowledge of their business with the integration of digital revolutions.
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To be disruptive or to ensure change in continuity?

How to succeed in the transformation of trades and organizations?

Change is the primary concern of the Directorates-General and all good people.

Change must be synonymous with improved performance in both processes and people.

Putting change management techniques into practice becomes a key element of the innovation and management system within companies.

You want to implement a change approach to build a shared vision of a new Business Model

You want to decline a mobilizing transformation program from:

  • – A diagnosis of the existing and declension
  • – Deployment of action plans.

Our consultants, with the general management and the project managers, will ensure the steering and get involved from start to finish in the operational implementation of the change management.

5 key steps are put in place to ensure the success of each project:

  1. Diagnosing the existing
  2. Writing strategic orientations in the endogenous and exogenous environmental context of the company.
  3. Development of the transformation project and action plans with the “Agile” method
  4. Support to the implementation of the transformation plan
  5. Measurement of progress, achievements and regular reporting.

Distributors, Industrialists dare to change with BOOPER safely!

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Looking for a consultant, Pricer, data scientist or analyst?

Whether competent or novice, we can help you find the right person!

BOOPER proposes to find and hire the person for you.

Once trained in the business, processes and software of the company (Pricing, Promotion, Merchandising, Excel, …), we integrate the person in your workforce under our control for 6 months minimum.

At the end of these 6 months, in agreement with the recruited person, we carry out a transfer of contract according to the modalities defined previously together and in particular on the compensation.

If at the end of 6 months, you do not want to integrate this person, it will remain in the staff of BOOPER.

The management of pre-employment in niche trades is becoming a necessity today to ensure continuity of operational excellence among our clients.

All persons subject to pre-employment receive the “BOOPER” Level 3 “Expert” training on the skills required.

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