The pricing diagnosis is done with our MPS software.

This service includes:

  • Establishment of analysis axes
    • ABC, Ranking, Price Tiertiles, Price Slices, TOP 100 200 500 & amp; HT
    • Triptych & amp; Typo, elasticity clusters, DN, DNV, Det
    • Customer Specific Axes
  • Audit of “competing” data: methodology, quality and frequency
  • Analysis of the positioning of a store or stores belonging to a brand (country)
    • Mapping and Clustering Proposal
  • Analysis of the results and crossing with the axes of analysis
    • Radius Background
    • Promotion
  • Image Analysis Price
    • Price structuring
    • Competition
  • Supplier Analysis with Analysis Axes
  • Analysis of chaining, cloning and triptych
  • Tariff consistency analysis and repositioning proposal if needed
  • Proposed implementation of Quick win
  • Estimation of the shortfall caused by the product DN, price positioning, etc., as part of a diagnostic sign
  • Historical Analysis & amp; Trends
  • Tariff simulations to estimate short, medium and long-term margin gains

All points are documented in a report and MPS is made available for 1 month.

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