TPS (Tracking Performance Store) : is our software solution to follow

your store performance and get real-time alerts.

Whether on a micro, tablet or smartphone, TPS provides you with the main indicators useful for efficient and reactive management.

Indicators by time bands are 2 types:

Quantitative data:

  • Bottom of Radius: CA, Margin, Margin Rate
  • Promotion: CA, Margin, margin rate by typology
  • Customers: Customer attendance, average basket, average number of products per receipt
  • Benchmark: average brand, average region, average per store cluster according to the commercial structure (DR, DC, Inspectors, store managers …)
  • Goals with the rest to be done
  • Customizable alerts by user typology:
  • Sudden change in an indicator over 2 periods
  • Progressive variation of an indicator over 6 months
  • 2 indicators that vary slightly in the opposite direction (example CA and client)
  • CA not in line with objectives
  • Difficulties to achieve end-of-year goals based on historical and mathematical models implemented (from Genius.Predict)

Sends push alerts and alerts per recipient (Mail / SMS)

TPS version: the data comes from the backoffice store

TPS + version: the data comes from the receipts. The information is in “real time”.

For TPS +, alerts are also made on the products. You have the rate of non-sale, the shortfall store by store and commercial structure.

Our goal is simple: All problems are reported in the morning. At noon the problems are solved and in the afternoon, the store is in line

It is the digital management tool par excellence!