(Analysis Ticket Solution)

Analysis of cash receipts oriented on the understanding of the purchases of inserts or not.

In addition to knowing who buys what, when and how, we focus on understanding the associated and dissociated purchasing actions to improve the price image and boost the margin through a better understanding of sales.

The overall quality of the models is greatly improved because we incorporate the frequency of purchase per customer (cardholder) and the number of times an X product is purchased on average in a basket.


Cross elasticity:

We calculate the cross-product elasticities with the Genius.Predict module and can define a number of product clusters on which we will be able to practice margin equalization with Genius.Price.



The analysis of purchases by cash receipt also allows us to better understand the effects of cannibalization with the impacts of price changes. Important for the development of your MDD or PPx.


Breaks :

The crossing of the results obtained with the stocks also allows us to know the true cost of the breaks and also all the useful information to remedy the breaks (time, days, cannibalization (price), act of purchase associated with a promotion, …).


Image price & Assortment:

These analyzes make it possible, on the one hand, to gain in price and on the margins, but also allows a fine analysis on the assortments on the adequacy Offer versus Demand with a “phygital” optics.