About us


Booper was founded in 2014 by Hugues Lafitte, an expert in distribution sector research and Big Data technologies. The team was quickly enriched with excellent professionals, engineers and mathematicians.


Booper's head office is located at Euratechnologies in Lille. Its clientele is mainly French, but it also has a presence outside France: Europe, Asia, Middle East...


Recognized as innovative by the Ministry of Research and Technology (MRT) for its work on artificial intelligence with sales prediction and elasticity calculations.

Booper: an innovative solution adapted to your needs and designed to optimize your performance

Pricing value chain

Present across the entire pricing value chain: Consulting, studies and software to support you in the pricing strategy, governance and operational dimensioning of your company's pricing, to ensure the best diagnosis of your situation.

Proven results

Improvement of your economic performance: Margin rate, additional turnover and price image, an R.O.I. of less than 6 months.

Intuitive tools adapted to retailers' strategies

Saves time for users
make the daily challenges much simpler and bring automatic solutions.

Data security

Guaranteed security of your data and compatibility with all retailers' information systems: Oracle, Google, Sap...

Optimization of margin and price positioning

A global software offer dealing with all aspects of margin management and pricing (shelf and promotion) that can be deployed in stores and central purchasing departments and integrates price image measurement.

Innovation at the heart of our work

A team in R&D mode, available and reactive at the service of the customer: continuous development of customized solutions based on the most recent and innovative technologies.

Easy implementation

Rapid deployment of our software with BIG DATA techniques.